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I'm a Front End Developer based in Montreal, Canada. I have over 5 years of experience, having worked for interactive agency Zemoga as part of their User Interface team, as well as working together with the UXSears front end team in Chicago. Currently, I work as a Senior front end developer at W.illi.am, a Montreal based agency focused on social tools, marketing and branding on the web.

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Examples of my work

Chris and Alix

I am in charge of every aspect of the site, starting with the design, coding and integration, product photography, SEO, shopping cart integration through Shopify and Blog management through Wordpress.

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HTML / CSS / JS integration.

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Sears Marketplace

As the Front End lead for this project, I worked directly with the Sears' IT team to develop and prototype the site and made sure we had a smooth integration between the layout and their jsp application.

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Ryma Technology Solutions

My work here consisted on prototyping a new UI interface for RYMA's Saas Client Application, as well as bringing it up to current coding standards with the help of the latest technologies ( CSS3 and HTML5 ) and through some extensive use of jQuery.

Sears.com / Kmart.com

Worked directly with the Sears Front end team (UXSears) developing new sections for their multiple sites as well as providing bug fixing support and general site maintenance.

Revistero Virtual

HTML / CSS / JS integration.

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My Photography

Apart from my affinity to create and code websites, I also enjoy photography, specially when travelling. For more pictures, you can check me on Flickr.


    I can be reached at: info@coljung.com. If you want to take a closer look at my experience, Here is my CV.

    Otherwise, you can find me online at: